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Westman Communications Group Announces Recipients of the WCG Technology Scholarship

By: Westman Communications group
Posted: June 6, 2023 21:14

Westman Communications Group (WCG) introduced the WCG Technology Scholarship earlier this year to help students pursue post-secondary education. It awards $5,000 each to five promising students entering their first year of post-secondary education in a technology-based field who contribute to their school and community. This year’s winners are Jonah Friesen, Luka Solomon, Rooney Gopaul, Simon Krahn, and Talia Iwanchysko.  

The WCG Technology Scholarship was established to replace the bursary program that has been in place in previous years. By awarding a total of $25,000 to deserving individuals, WCG is helping students who plan to study and work with technology to be well-prepared for the intimidating cost of post-secondary education.  

The five successful applicants come from several communities within the service area of Westman Communications Group. Jonah Friesen currently attends Souris School and will pursue a Bachelor of Applied Science in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of British Columbia. Luka Solomon attends Shoal Lake High School and will pursue a Bachelor of Science at the University of Manitoba. Rooney Gopaul attends Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School and will be working towards a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree at Brandon University. Simon Krahn attends Rivers Collegiate Institute and will attend Brandon University as well for a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree. Talia Iwanchysko attends Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary School and will be attending the University of Saskatchewan where she will work towards a degree in Engineering.  

“WCG is committed to helping develop our communities, especially when it comes to our youth, education, diversity, and technology,” says Brandi Crowe, Westman Communications Group Marketing Manager. “The WCG Technology Scholarship plants the seeds for our communities to flourish today and in the future. We are pleased to have inspired students to do well in school to qualify for the WCG Technology Scholarship and to empower these five young individuals who were selected for this award to gain access to higher education, their dreams, and their desires to contribute to society.” 

For more information about the WCG Technology Scholarship, please visit our website:  

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