About WCGtv

Exclusive Community Connection

 WCGtv is a non-profit organization that works hard supporting local communities and sharing their stories. Our local programming is an important service for western Manitoba communities that only WCGtv provides.
Our programming is about the things you do and value, and it’s created with your help. Our volunteers and staff work hard to provide important, relevant, and even on occasion live programming about what’s happening in your community.

Proud of Our Communities

We’ve invested over $2 million in equipment for community programming. As well, we’ve trained and worked closely with over 200 volunteers in 17 communities throughout Westman, who have broadcast 24,000 hours of local programming. 
WCGtv works closely with Assiniboine Community College Interactive Media Arts students and Manitoba Education & Training students looking for extra credit in their schools. 

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Need Credits? High school students from Grade 9–12 can earn up to a full credit towards graduation. CLICK HERE

Contact Us

WCGtv Brandon

1906 Park Avenue
Brandon, MB R7B 0R9
Phone: 204.717.2611
Fax: 204.726.1197