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Board of Directors

Westman is a business owned and controlled by its members, for its members. Anyone who is a Westman customer can become a member. Members determine how the co-operative will be run, elect the Board of Directors and allocate the profits of the co-operative among its member/owners. Every member of Westman Media Cooperative Ltd. is eligible to allow their name to stand for election to the Board.

Westman's Board of Directors for 2022:

  • Jason Roblin (Chair), Brandon
  • Mike Csversko (1st Vice Chair), Dauphin
  • Dave Mahoney (2nd Vice Chair), Brandon
  • Gillian Halwas (Secretary), Inglis
  • Lorne Zacharias (Treasurer), Elm Creek
  • Doug Smallwood, Brandon
  • Barrie Brooking, Minnedosa
  • Terry Fehr, Gladstone
  • David Leech, Brandon
  • Gail Janz, Brandon
  • Dan Robertson, Brandon

Nomination Qualifications (excerpt from WMCL Charter Bylaws)

To be eligible for election to the board, members must meet certain criteria detailed in our bylaws, as follow
No person shall be a director if that person
1.  (a) is less than 18 years of age and a bona fide member of Westman Media Cooperative Ltd.;
     (b) is of unsound mind and has been so found by a court in Canada or elsewhere;
     (c) is not an individual;
     (d) has the status of a bankrupt;
     (e) is, or was during the two years preceding the close of nominations, a regular, full-time employee of the Cooperative;
     (f) is a party or director, officer, shareholder of a party to any contract with the Cooperative that confers a benefit not conferred on or available to members generally except that this subparagraph shall not be interpreted to exclude:
          i. A person who is also a Director, but not an employee of a Credit Union, a non-share capital corporation, or another Cooperative;
          ii. A person where the contract conferring the benefit is temporary, occasional, or insignificant having regard to the business as a whole of the Cooperative.
     (g) is in arrears for a period of sixty (60) days or more in respect to any amount due to the Cooperative;
     (h) is competing with the Cooperative or any of its divisions or subsidiaries or is a director, shareholder, member, partner, associate, employee, agent or consultant of any competitor.
2. Nominees must approve their nomination in writing and be supported by at least two members of the Cooperative.
3. Each nominee should have a genuine interest in the Cooperative and have experience in business, leadership, community work, government, legal affairs or other areas that are applicable to guiding policy of the Cooperative. Elected directors are required to sign a Conflict of Interest Form, as well as a Nondisclosure Agreement that the Director maintain confidentiality regarding business and/or information related to Westman Communications which is proprietary or confidential.
4. Nominees should be prepared to devote time and effort to their positions as directors should they be elected.
5. Membership Qualification - No person shall be a director unless that person or a body corporate of which that person is an officer, director, member or shareholder is a member or shareholder of the Cooperative and unless that person or that corporation supports and transacts business with the Cooperative, and unless that person or that corporation complies with any other applicable requirements set out in the by-laws, or unless that person is a shareholder.
6. Election and Term - Retiring directors shall be eligible for re-election unless having served two (2) consecutive terms as a director, in which case the retiring director is not eligible for re-election for one (1) year. Nominations for the office of director may be made by any two members upon delivery to the Cooperative at least five (5) weeks prior to the annual meeting of a written nomination signed by each of them and accepted by the nominee.