Board of Directors

Westman is a business owned and controlled by its members and anyone who is a Westman customer can become a member. Members determine how the co-operative will be run, elect the Board of Directors and allocate the profits of the co-operative among its member/owners. Every member of Westman Media Cooperative Ltd. is eligible to allow their name to stand for election to the Board.

Westman's Board of Directors for 2019:
  • Dave Mahoney (Chair)
  • Susan Brechmann (1st Vice Chair)
  • Lorne Zacharias (2nd Vice Chair)
  • Gail Janz (Secretary)
  • Leo Boivin (Treasurer)
  • Chris Kilmury
  • Barrie Brooking
  • Jason Roblin
  • David Leech
  • Gillian Potter
  • Terry Fehr