Our staff members are proud to support:

United Way
Helping Hands
Big Brothers & Sisters of Brandon
Counselling Centre
Muscular Dystrophy
Birch River Volunteer Fire Department
Swan Valley Animal Protection League
Steeprock Bay Bible Camp
BAPS Charities & Tree Canada Walkathon
Kinsmen Club of Brandon
Neighbourhood Watch
Brandon Festival of the Arts
Common Ground Community Carnival
Waves of Hope

Elspeth Reid Resource Centre
Brandon Humane Society
Brandon Christmas Cheer
Westman Immigration Services
Samaritan House (on board)
Brandon Dance Ensemble (on board)
Rockin’ the Fields Minnedosa (on board)
Eagles Gymnastics (on board)
Minnedosa Golf Course (on board)
Blue Cross (on board)
Matt Calvert Charity Shootout (on board)
Assiniboine Theatre Company (on board)
Westridge Community Centre (on board)
Westman Dreams for Kids (on board)

We are always on the lookout for new and local charities to support across our Westman communities! If you have one, please send our marketing team the sponsorship request form at


Westman Award of Excellence 

The Westman Award of Excellence Scholarship Program offers up to $16,000 annually in scholarships funded by Westman Communications Group to over 30 high schools in the communities that Westman serves. Since the introduction of this program, Westman and its customers have contributed over $400,000 dollars toward the Westman Award of Excellence Scholarship program since the program started over 20 years ago.

For the Westman Award of Excellence application form, click here: 2020 APPLICATION FORM

Please submit to

Students interested in applying for one of these scholarships are encouraged to talk to their school's Career Counselor or designated teacher and fill out an application form and submit to the designated email address stated above.
Contributions from Q Country 91.5 FM & 94.7 Star FM:
  • $400 annually for the Brandon Festival of the Arts Piano Scholarship.
  • $600 annually to the Vincent Massey Music Association for their annual band camp at the International Peace Gardens.
  • $400 annually to Brandon School Instrumental Musical Association towards the purchase of musical instruments for program.
  • $600-$1,000 annually to Brandon University for the Eckhard-Grammatté Conservatory of Music.


Environmental Responsibility Initiatives

Westman’s business plan and corporate vision include statements about reducing our impact on the environment. Westman’s staff have corporate objects to recommend/implement ways our business can reduce our impact on the environment and thus they take personal ownership in this objective.

  • Westman is aligned with the SCTE Energy 2020 program.  This ensures we select hardware and processes which use less energy. 
  • Systems such as building heating/cooling are selected in part by energy efficiency.
  • Set back thermostats are deployed at 1906 Park Ave office.
  • Westman recently completed an LED lighting upgrade at our 1906 Park Ave office which will save an estimated 92400 kWh annually.
  • Westman has reduced water consumption at our 1906 Park Ave office by 1.5 million liters annually since 2009.
  • Westman has e-waste and business recycling systems/processes in place which saves about 200 cubic meters of electronic waste from hitting the landfill.
  • Westman has implemented workforce management tools to reduce vehicular travel and fuel consumption. Although we have room for improvement, we have reduced vehicle idle time by 46,000 minutes annually.
  • Westman selects vehicles in part by energy efficiency. Our newest Eco diesel trucks consume about 20% less fuel than our traditional fleet vehicles.
  • Westman implemented process and procedure which reduces paper and ink consumption.
  • By fibre connecting communities we reduce energy consumption by:
    • Fewer traditional head ends - less energy use, less electronics
    • Fewer trips to each community for head end maintenance/repair