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Have Wi-Fi problems? Make sure your router is up to date!

By: Westman Communications Group
Posted: August 4, 2022 20:43Internet and Wi-Fi

Aside from your internet connection, your internet equipment is also an important piece of your home network. 

Read time: 1 Minute 

Summary: Routers age just like everything else! Make sure you’re up to date as if could affect your home network connection.  


If you’re like most people, you connect to the Internet at home using a Wi-Fi connection. Since most of your devices—whether they’re smartphones, tablets, or laptops—are designed to be used wirelessly, the only way to get online with them is by connecting them to the device that provides the Wi-Fi signal in your home. 

This device is usually called a router, but you might also hear it called a gateway, a modem, or an access point. The name doesn’t really matter, but the device itself dramatically impacts the quality of your home Wi-Fi.  

If you’re not getting the performance you expect, the first thing to check is whether your router is based on old technology. If files take forever to download, streaming videos don’t display smoothly, and you have trouble connecting to Wi-Fi in some areas of your home, then there’s a good chance an old router is a culprit. 

All routers are NOT created equal. 

The fact is, that all routers are not created equal. If your router is even just a few years old, it’s outdated. And that means you are not getting the most out of the new wireless devices you’ve invested in, which are designed to work best when using the latest Wi-Fi technology.  

It also means you’re not getting your money’s worth from your Internet service because your old router prevents you from getting the speed and performance you’re paying for. 

Want to check if your equipment is up to date? Contact our Westan Support.

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