As Westman Communications Group (WCG) is a co-op, all customers are also co-op members. That means Westman is owned by the customers who use our services.

Any profit becomes the equity that is shared by members, and is based upon the amount of business each customer does with Westman, throughout the year. All earnings (profits) belong to you, our members, and each year, in accordance with our Bylaws, these earnings increase your equity in the company. Westman reinvests each customer's equity into its operations, which enables Westman to add or enhance services, and to remain competitive.

This is a critical difference between Westman and other providers of Phone, TV and Internet. As a Westman customer, you build equity in the co-op and your patronage contributes to both the company and your community.

Westman member benefits include:

  • the right to run for a position on the Board of Directors.
  • the right to vote for the Board of Directors.
  • a voice at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and other special meetings.
  • the opportunity to be a member of the Community Media Committee (CMC), which manages WCGtv, your local community programming channel.
  • a yearly statement of your equity, annual reports and other information about the co-operative.
  • occasional dividend payments of equity.
Westman Communications Group is a member of the Canadian Co-operative Association.