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Westman Launches #ConnectingWestman Funding Program

By: Westman Communications Group
Posted: June 1, 2021 15:27

Westman Communications Group (Westman) is pleased to announce their 2021 #ConnectingWestman Funding Program is now accepting applications until August 1, 2021. Westman’s Funding Program provides financial aid and human resources needed to help create sustainable communities across Manitoba.   

Supporting the communities that Westman serves is an essential part of who they are. Organizations, charities, and initiatives that meet the criteria and align with Westman’s focus areas are encouraged to submit their application before the deadline. After the closing date for accepting applications, Westman will carefully review the submissions and make selections.  

“We want to encourage enriching Manitoba communities, and the 2021 #ConnectingWestman Funding Program will allow us to make a bigger local impact in the communities we serve and provide them with support,” said Courtney Baxter, Marketing Manager at Westman. “In the past we’ve hosted events to raise funds for local initiatives, but we couldn’t do that in 2020 or 2021. We look forward to getting our team together for these #ConnectingWestman fundraising events in the future and feel this program allows us to continue to provide that local support in their absence.” 


Criteria for submission: 

  • Initiated in one of the 46 communities that Westman serves and has a clear local impact. 
  • Support either ongoing operational needs or a long-term project/initiative. 
  • Promote staying, participating, engaging, and enriching Westman communities. 
  • Fall into Westman’s focus areas of growing opportunities for technology, youth, women and education. 
  • Haven’t received funding in the last 12 months from Westman Communications Group. 


If you would like Westman to consider supporting an organization, charity or initiative, visit for the full details and the easy application form. Westman will announce the winners in August 2021. 


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