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My Westman Information

Westman Communications Group refreshed the “My Account” portal to add new and enhanced features for a better user experience. The “My Account” tab has been renamed to “My Westman” and is in the same place on the website.

To experience the “My Westman” portal, you will be required to register with a login and password. Note, all Westman customers will need to register a new account to use the portal, regardless if you have an existing active “My Account” or not. We apologize for any inconvenience of this, but promise you will enjoy this new mobile friendly portal and its many features.

For full instructions on how to register and navigate the “My Westman” portal,    CLICK HERE  

My Westman easy to use features:

Pay your bill online with your credit card 

  • When life gets busy, we have you covered with our new automatic withdrawal payment option.  
  • If you like the option of flexibility and change, there is also a one-time payment option
  • Securely save a credit card to your account so you don’t have to input card information each time you make a payment

Manage your Westman Services Online

  • Make additions to your TV package
  • Upgrade your Internet speed 
  • Changes take place in real-time

View your statements online
(Note, how far back to you can go is dependant on how long you have been a Westman customer)

  •  Equity statement back to 2013 
  • T4A statements back to 2013 
  • Digital versions of your previous bills back to 6 months 
  • Long-distance phone statements back to 6 months 

Manage multiple accounts in one portal

To continue to My Westman  

 1. What type of Credit Cards can be used to pay my bill online?

You can use Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

2. Can my payments come out automatically every month?

Yes, there is an option for a one-time payment and recurring. To have your bill come out automatically you will need to check the “Automatic Withdrawal” selection on the View or Pay Bill page.

3. If I have multiple accounts can I manage them all in the portal?

Yes, you can manage them all in the portal. The accounts can be managed separately or together.

4. How soon will my payment be applied to my account after I make an online payment?

It will be applied to your account 24-48 hours after you make a payment online.

5. Can I have automatic payments come out of multiple accounts?

Yes, it will be the same process as if you had a single account.

6. What other remote payment options are available to me currently other than the My Westman Portal?

The different payment options that are available are listed below:

  • Pre-authorized deposit (PAD)
  • Online or telephone banking;
  • At our office by cash, cheque (could be mailed), debit card, Visa, MasterCard; or
  • At our 24-hour night deposit box located at: 1906 Park Ave., Brandon, Manitoba
  • My Westman account portal credit card payment at (one-time or recurring payment options available)

7. How come I don’t see all my accounts listed in the portal?

An account must be active, have active services or have a balance to show up in your portal. 8. Why am I unable to download my billing statement? The PDF version of your bill will not be available for 24-48 hours after a statement date.

1. Can I downgrade a service in my package?

No, unfortunately, this function is unavailable through My Westman – Manage Services. However, you are able to make this change to your package at any time by contacting a Customer Service Representative in one of the following ways:

2.  Will my changes take effect immediately?

Yes! Allow for up to 10 minutes for the change to take effect. If you don’t have the upgrade after 10 minutes, try restarting your device.

If you are upgrading your Internet speed, your modem will automatically reboot causing a temporary loss of your internet connection. It will take a few minutes for your modem to come back online. If your Internet does not come back online, please unplug your modem, wait a few seconds and plug it back in to reboot it manually.


3. Can I manage multiple accounts that are in my name from the Manage Services section?

You can, yes! When you select “Manage Services,” it will ask you to choose from the different accounts you manage, from here, you can select which account you would like to make the changes to.

4. Can I sign up for a new service in the My Westman – Manage Services portal?

No, unfortunately, you can’t sign up for a new service on the My Westman Manage Services portal. However, you can upgrade an existing service. You can add a new service by calling one of our Customer Service Representatives who would be happy to go over package/bundling options that best suit your needs and budget!

5. Will it show me my new monthly total before I accept the new charges?

It will, yes! You will notice that as you add something new a calculator will pop-up and add the new charges for you. Once you are done, you can review all of the details on the confirmation page before you click “Accept”. If you have any questions you can contact a Customer Service Representative by calling 204-725-4300 or 1-800-665-3337 or emailing

6. It’s not allowing me to upgrade to an Internet speed I want (as seen on the website), why?

Services will only be shown to you if you are eligible to receive them. This will depend on your community, household connections and equipment. If you have any questions you can contact a Customer Service Representative by calling 204-725-4300 or 1-800-665-3337 or emailing

7.  Why doesn’t my total cost at check out reflect my current promotional price?

 Promotions will be evaluated and re-added the next business day by one of our Customer Service Representatives. If an adjustment is required it will be applied to your account automatically.

8. My services were just installed today. Am I able to use Manage Services to make a change?

You will be able to use Manage Services as soon as your initial order has been completed. This process is usually completed within 2-3 business days after your installation. If you require immediate assistance you can contact a Customer Service Representative by calling 204-725-4300 or 1-800-665-3337 or emailing

9. I am getting an error message saying that my payment is to overdue but I just made a payment on my account. What should I do?

A: If you just made the payment, please allow for 48 hours after making the payment to try again or if you require immediate assistance, you can contact a Customer Service Representative by calling 204-725-4300 or 1-800-665-3337 or emailing