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Posted: January 14, 2021 11:39Customer Experience

My Westman makes it easy to view and manage your services online

We are always looking for ways to provide our members with top-notch service and support. The My Westman online portal can provide you with an easier user experience, and we are here to walk you through all the great features. 

How to View and Manage Your Services: 

  1. Sign in to My Westman.
  2. Click Manage Services from the My Westman menu. 
  3. View your current service details by clicking the account you want to manage. This will open your account details. From here, you can see what primary services you are subscribed to and what upgrade options are available to you.   
  4. If you would like to see a more detailed list of what you are currently subscribed to, click More Details
  5. Click Add to Cart if you are interested in adding anything to your Internet or Television package. 



What Can I Do in The Manage Services Section? 

Make additions to your TV package – Add individual channels OR upgrade your primary package with just a click! 


Upgrade your Internet speed – Has your Internet usage increased? Upgrade to a faster speed better suited for your needs, anytime! 


Calculator adds changes for you – The calculator feature adds the changes to your monthly charges and provides you with your expected new monthly total – taking the guesswork out of what your next bill will be!  


Changes take place in real-time – Add a channel, get faster Internet and more… NOW! 

*Internet changes can take up to 10 minutes to reboot the modem, and you will temporarily lose Internet connectivity for a few minutes during the reboot. When it comes back on, you will have your upgraded speed. 




Where Can I View My Statements? 

If you would like to view a statement… we have a button for that too! 
Click View a Statement  from the My Westman menu, and here you'll find the following statements: 

     Bill Statements - View your previous six-month statements.  

     Equity Statements - View information about your account equity. Here, you will also find FAQs about your membership. 
     Note: 2020 Statements won't be available until March 2021. 

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      Long Distance - View full details about your long-distance plan. 

     T4A Statements - View all your T4A Statements. 


Have Questions? Visit My Westman Portal FAQ's

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