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3 Easy Ways to Improve Wi-Fi Performance

By: Westman Communications
Posted: May 28, 2021 13:31Internet

Get the best out of your Wi-Fi with these easy tips!

At one point or another, I am sure we have all been in this situation - you're sitting on the couch, looking forward to watching your favourite show and suddenly, your plans are interrupted. A dot that seems to spin endlessly in a circle appears…Yes, we are talking about the loading icon. 

In this scenario, most people try to turn the Wi-Fi off and on. This could work... but there is likely another root to the problem.  

The most common causes of spotty Wi-Fi include:  

  1. Your router's location. 
  2. Structure of your home (brick, thick timber, concrete, and masonry walls).  
  3. The size of your home.  

Now you are aware of the most common causes of spotty Wi-Fi… but what can you do to fix these problems? 


  1. Router Location 

We tend to make the mistake of placing our router in places such as the basement, closet, floor, or a hidden corner of your home. These cause the Wi-Fi signals to be obstructed by obstacles such as walls, appliances, metal and floor heating, and even water. If it helps, think of your router as a lightbulb, if it is in the corner of the room, it only lights up a particular area, but if you place it in a central space, it will light up the whole room. This is why you want the router to be front and center. Find a spot off the ground and centrally located to the majority of the devices in your home. It could also be the place where you spend the most time streaming online. 


2. Structure of Your Home – Avoid Obstacles  

When finding a central location for your router, avoid the following: 

  1. Placing it anywhere close to home appliances such as microwaves and cordless phones. These basic home appliances can affect your Wi-Fi signals. 

  2. Setting your router on the floor. As we mentioned before, think of your router as a lightbulb. When you turn it on, you want to shine as far as possible instead of straight into the ground. 

  3. Hiding your router or tucking it in behind enclosed consoles with heat-producing appliances such as a game console. These can cut down your wireless signal. 

3. Size of Your Home  

Searching for the best place to set up your router can be tricky. If you are still experiencing spotty Wi-Fi, look around; the size of your home also plays an important role. Houses 1,500 sq. feet and larger might need additional support to ensure all corners are covered; this is where Wi-Fi extenders come into play.  A Westman Wi-Fi Extender, just as it sounds, helps extend Wi-Fi signals to difficult-to-reach areas of your home. 





We are here to help. 

If you are wondering if you need a Wi-Fi Extender or have questions about your home coverage, contact us at 1.800.665.3337 or We are happy to help! 

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