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Westman Communications Group Kicks Off Phase 2 Of Wasagaming Service Expansion Sign-Ups

By: Westman Communications Group
Posted: February 20, 2024 15:26

Westman Communications Group (WCG), a local provider of premium telecommunication services, is pleased to have completed Phase 1 of its Wasagaming service expansion and will commence Phase 2 in the spring. This second phase of the expansion project will bring fibre lines to the southeastern side of Wasagaming and connect businesses, homes, and cottages to Internet, InfiniTV and Phone services. Community members can now begin signing up for WCG service packages.  

WCG’s Wasagaming service expansion is a 3-phase project supported by the Government of Canada’s Universal Broadband Fund (UBF). Its aim is to provide enhanced connectivity and entertainment options to seasonal and permanent residents of the Wasagaming area and allow local businesses to participate more readily in the global economy. 

Phase 1 of the Wasagaming service expansion was focused on the southwestern commercial area, and Phase 3 will connect the cabins and campsites of northwestern Wasagaming. Phase 2, which is scheduled to start early this spring, will primarily target cottages along the southeastern side of the lake, and residents of this area can already begin signing up for WCG’s full suite of services packages and bundles, which include High Speed Internet, InfiniTV, and Phone services.   

“High Speed Internet is essential to community growth and sustainability,” said E.J. Keys, President and CEO of WCG.  “As a local cooperative, we are dedicated to connecting under-served communities and look forward to seeing the tangible impact our services will make for Manitobans in the Wasagaming area.”  

For more information about WCG and the services it provides or to learn more about the Wasagaming service expansion and sign up for service packages, visit  

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