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Westman Communications Group Honoured With Cooperative Achievement Award

By: Westman Communications Group
Posted: October 20, 2022 15:56

Westman Communications Group (WCG) has been conferred the 2022 Cooperative Achievement Award by the Manitoba Cooperative Association (MCA). The award recognizes organizations in Manitoba that have implemented projects and ventures embodying cooperative values and principles that benefit their members and communities. The awardee’s achievement must be apparent within the last 10 years and have already demonstrated recognizable benefits to the members and community.   

“The Manitoba Cooperative Association honours co-ops and co-operators annually through our Awards Program. In 2022, we are presenting Westman Communications Group with our Cooperative Achievement Award. This award recognizes cooperatives that embody the seven international cooperative principles,” said Vera Goussaert, Executive Director of the Manitoba Cooperative Association. “WCG plays a vital role linking their members to essential services in large and small communities of Western Manitoba. WCG members benefit from their cooperative playing an active role in their communities and supporting local initiatives. MCA is pleased to be able to recognize the achievements of Westman Communications Group and all that they contribute to Manitobans.” 

WCG has grown from a small cooperative serving Brandon with their cable TV services in 1977 into a bona fide telecommunications company serving 57 communities with High-Speed Internet, Digital HD TV and Phone services.  

Over the years, WCG has expanded their footprint into unserved and underserved areas of Manitoba, connecting them through their essential digital services. The company has demonstrated their commitment to giving back and playing a big part in community-building by institutionalizing programs to help raise funds for local charities and initiatives through the #ConnectingWestman Funding Program, the #ConnectingWestman Tour, Westman Award of Excellence Scholarship, and providing monetary and non-monetary support to community pillars such as learning institutions, including Assiniboine Community College and Brandon University. 

“The seven cooperative principles are extremely important to us [at WCG]. It makes us different from other providers in the market,” explains Bud Keys, Interim President and CEO of Westman Communications Group. “Our focus is on our members and providing exceptional service to them while at the same time being leading-edge in terms of the technology we provide. The people we’d like to thank certainly are our members; without [them], we would not [have been able to expand] our services to new communities and continue to improve the [services we offer].” 

For more information on how Westman Communications Group engages with and impacts the communities they serve, follow WCG on social media or head to

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