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WCG Funds Over $26,000 To School-Driven Initiatives Across The Province Through The Connecting Westman Funding Program

By: Westman Communications Group
Posted: January 5, 2024 22:18

Westman Communications Group (WCG) announced their generous contribution of $26,600 across ten educational initiatives across Manitoba through their Connecting Westman Funding Program. As a local cooperative, Westman Communications Group (WCG) is known for its role in their communities' growth by supporting initiatives and providing a brighter future for the communities and people within them. That is exactly what the Connecting Westman Funding Program provides.

The Connecting Westman Funding Program was implemented in 2021 and has since been integral to WCG’s priority to give back to its communities. This year’s program sees either partial or full funding to initiatives in ten different communities across the region. Those that were successful applicants include Green Acres School, Riverheights School, Elm Creek School, Erickson Collegiate, Erickson Elementary School, Gladstone Elementary School, Rivers Collegiate, Rossburn Collegiate, École St. Lazare, and Virden Collegiate Institute.

Green Acres School will receive funding for an accessible playground space. Riverheights School aims to incorporate technology and robotics into the school’s Makerspace. Elm Creek School will receive funding to upgrade and expand its gym equipment for early-years students. Erickson Collegiate will work towards the incorporation of a STEM lab. Erickson Elementary will use their donation to fund a sensory path for students and community members. Gladstone Elementary School will use their funds to create a Wellness Room. Rivers Collegiate will work to create a TV display board in the Hockey Skills Academy Program. Rossburn Collegiate will use their funding to purchase a portable public address speaker. École St. Lazare will receive funding to update their outdated iPads. Finally, Virden Collegiate Institute will utilize their funding to aid in the Virden Band Program Revitalization Project.

“The Connecting Westman Funding Program has seen a tremendous response across many communities,” said WCG Marketing Manager Brandi Crowe. “The growth and success of WCG is due to the continued support of our members, and we’re happy to show our appreciation through funding opportunities such as this. We’d like to thank everyone for submitting applications, and we are excited to see how this funding will create a positive impact on the coming generations of students.”

For a recap of information on the Connecting Westman Funding Program, please visit our website:

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