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WCG Connecting Westman Tour Raised Over $10,000 For Dauphin’s Watson Art Centre

By: Westman Communications Group
Posted: July 4, 2024 15:20

Westman Communications Group (WCG) hosted a charity barbecue event in Dauphin on June 27, 2024. All proceeds went to the Watson Art Centre, a cause chosen by the residents of Dauphin. After a matched donation from WCG, the event raised $10,753.40.  

The Connecting Westman Tour is a community-driven initiative that allows WCG to serve its members and support the projects that matter most to community members. WCG served hotdogs and smokies from the Dauphin Rail Museum with donation-based pricing, which brought in $5376.70. WCG matched this, which raised the total amount to $10,753.40.  

“Our second stop on the 2024 Connecting Westman Tour was very successful,” said WCG Marketing Manager Brandi Crowe. “Dauphin residents showed up in droves to support such an important initiative in the community, and we’re glad to provide an avenue for fundraising. Volunteers of the Watson Art Centre helped make this event a great experience, and we are thankful for their support. We are excited to keep the Connecting Westman Tour going throughout the summer, with our remaining stops in Gladstone and Boissevain.”  

"The team at WCG does an excellent job interacting and connecting with its members and communities,” said WCG Board Member Mike Csversko.  
“Whether it is the complementary Wi-Fi at Credit Union Place, providing the WCG Technology Scholarship, or providing support through the Connecting Westman Tour for the Watson Art Centre, the Parkland area is a high priority for Westman Communications Group. This commitment is not something you see from the national carriers."   

The Connecting Westman Tour will continue in Gladstone on July 18 and wrap up in Boissevain on August 15. For more information on the Connecting Westman Tour or to submit a community initiative for funding from the Tour, please visit the WCG website

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