Rate Adjustment Notices

How Adjustments Help Improve Your Westman Services

Westman Communications Group is dedicated to providing you with exceptional Internet, TV and Home Phone services. We are continuously investing in our network to deploy technological enhancements that support a robust and reliable network. 

1. In 2018, Westman paid out $500,000 in cash dividend payments to eligible members who had over $900 in accumulated equity in their membership account. Over the past six years, Westman has paid out cash dividend payments totaling $3.5 million. “The loyal patronage of our members makes it possible to make these dividend payments. The support for our products and services continues to increase members’ equity in the cooperative and make distributions possible,” said Dave Baxter, President and CEO of Westman Communications Group.

2. Westman was pleased to fibre-link 4 new communities in 2018. Residents of each community have truly embraced having new communications choices in digital TV, high-speed Internet and home phone. Gilbert Plains, Grandview, Elkhorn, and Gladstone were the most recent additions in a project that sees Westman continuously increasing the number of fibre-linked communities across Western Manitoba. We currently have 34 communities in Western Manitoba that have access to Westman services. More fibre-linked builds are planned for 2019.

3. This past September, Westman Communications Group announced the launch of its Enhanced Wi-Fi Service, a product designed to boost wireless signal strength for home networks. This new service allows Westman Technicians to use Hitron Diagnostic Software Tools to walk through a complete home network analysis, locating the ideal placement of the modem, and ensuring maximum coverage in all the areas you use your Wi-Fi.  Self-healing technology (CloudCheck® Optimization) is constantly working in the background to maximize your network for the best Wi-Fi service and provides additional diagnostic insight to our support team. Customers also have access to the MyHitron app, which is used as a self-diagnostic tool.

4. Westman continues to offer innovative services such as TiVo that integrate your live and streaming TV experience. In October 2018, Westman launched TiVo Experience 4, which included the all new voice remote and a new visually rich and easy to use interface. The TiVo voice remote dramatically improves your TV experience – Say it. Watch it. It is that easy. 

5. In November 2018, The Movie Network (TMN) / HBO rebranded to Crave + Movies + HBO. The rebrand allowed customers to benefit from four new high definition Crave channels along with HBO East and West. These channels continue to be the place to get blockbuster Hollywood movies and exclusive access to HBO and Showtime series. Subscribers will be able to enjoy hours of new HD Crave VOD content, including previous seasons of Showtime and HBO series and movies. Westman’s Crave customers also have complete access to Crave content from and the Crave TV app. Along with all of this, Westman customers can now access over 15 Go Apps, including the recent launch of Sportsnet’s SNNOW and Hollywood Suite Go, available to subscribers of these channels via 

Westman is proud to continue investing in the communities we serve in 2019. 
These investments include:
• New and enhanced service offerings
• Fibre connecting more communities that are either not served or underserved to offer high speed Internet and enhanced video
• Proactive node splits and plant maintenance to continue to increase Internet service reliability and speeds

Effective November 1, 2019, we will be adjusting our service rates. If you currently subscribe to any of the below services, monthly rate adjustments are as follows:

*These packages will be subject to the above rate adjustments after introductory promotions or any other promotional offer ends.