#ConnectingWestman Funding Program Guidelines

Please review our guidelines before you apply.

Our #ConnectingWestman Funding Program is an investment program that offers partnership opportunities with local organizations to support initiatives aligned with the communities Westman Communications Group serves.

  • Community programs, non-profit or charitable organizations seeking funding from the #ConnectingWestman Funding Program must be from within the communities we serve and meet all outlined criteria of the program.
  • Applications will be accepted until August 1, 2021.
  • To inquire about the eligibility of your project, email us at
Criteria for submission:
  • Initiated locally in one of the 45 communities that we serve and have a clear local impact.
  • Support either ongoing operational needs or a long-term project/initiative
  • Promote staying, participating, engaging, and enriching Westman communities
  • Fall into our focus areas of technology, youth, women and education
  • Haven’t received funding in the last 12 months from Westman Communications Group.
Requests that will not be considered for funding include:
  • Religious-based requests.
  • Political requests.
  • Initiatives that are outside of our service area.
  • Initiatives that don’t fit within our focus areas – Technology, Youth, Women or Education.
  • Completed initiatives.
  • Individual and private business requests.
  • Requests not submitted online.
Requirements to Apply:
  • Phone number
  • Contact full name
  • Contact address
  • Contact email
  • Initiative full name
  • About the initiative and why it needs our support (how they can make a difference in their community)
  • How they will recognize Westman Communications Group for their support
  • Initiative budget and when it will be completed