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Moving? Don’t forget the Wi-Fi!

Westman helps you stay connected to your Internet, TV and Home Phone services when you move. Give us a call today.

Set up your move

Be ready with:

  • Your new address. Inform us of any special considerations (newly built house, apartment with a utility closet). Ensure Westman is available in your community.
  • Dates. The day you're leaving the old address and the day you need services connected. We can book up to 6 weeks out from when we chat.
  • A phone number to get in touch with you during the move.

Don't have WCG Services yet?


Quickly and easily move your Westman services in a few simple steps.

Call 204.725.4300 or Toll-Free 1.800.665.3337.


Tell us your new address and the date that you are moving in. Please give us as much notice as possible to ensure your services are ready on your moving date.


We will place a disconnection order for your current services and transfer all account information and services to your new address on your preferred date.


Add any upgrades or additional services you may need! You can easily set up an installation appointment, if any of your Westman services need to be installed at your new location.


Our technicians will install, test and optimize all your Westman services for you at your new home to ensure everything works at peak performance. If you’d prefer to install your equipment yourself, please ask the representitive if it’s possible.

Need to upgrade your services?

New home, new you. What you had before may not be the right fit for your new place. In most moves you can just bring your old equipment and services over, but you're free to consider and upgrade!

Upgrade using My Westman or give us a call!

No better time for a change than when you're already unplugging everything. Visit our specials page for more plans and offers!


2-4 weeks' notice is recommended to ensure we can schedule the exact time and date that works for you.

Absolutely. Moving is the perfect time to review your services, especially as your needs may change for your new address. Upgrade your services directly via My Westman, or chat with us today!

 Switching to Westman is easy! Ensure you are moving to one of the communities we serve, and we'll help with the rest! We have a plan for every budget and our team can help you find the perfect plan for your new home.

Our team will ask you for your:

  • Move-out date
  • Current address
  • New address
  • Move-in date

To help pick the best plan for your new home, our representatives may also ask how many TVs you will have at your new home or how many people will be connected to your Internet at the same time.

If you need to move your move, we'll move. Changing services usually requires rescheduling - so, if possible, go over your bundle and make any updates during the initial booking so you get the date you prefer.

The only real difference you'll see on your bill is the new address. For a seamless transition we recommend making sure you have a My Westman account.