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Calling Features

 Anonymous Call Rejection
Automatically reject all calls from numbers withholding identification. If anonymous callers contact you, they’ll hear a message that instructs them to hang up, remove their identity block and call again.

 Call Name & Number Block
Block specific phone numbers that you do not wish to receive calls from. Anyone trying to call your phone from a number that you have blocked will simply get a recording advising them that you are not presently accepting calls from their number.

 Call Name & Number Display
When someone calls, your phone will display the caller’s listed name and number after the first complete ring.

 Call Hold
This feature allows you to put a call on hold in order to dial another number, and then switch between the two calls without establishing a 3-Way Conference.

 Call Transfer
This feature allows you to redirect a call to another number both inside and outside of your business and then disconnect from the call so the other two parties stay connected.

 Call Waiting
When you are on the phone and a second call comes in, a tone will notify you that a second caller is trying to reach you. If you hang up while a call is still on hold, your telephone will instantly ring, allowing you to reconnect the “on hold” call.

 Call Waiting – Visual
Displays the calling name and telephone number of another incoming call as part of the notification that a second call is on the line.

 Clid Permanent Blocking
Applies a permanent blocking service so that your name and number are always blocked.

 Find-Me Follow-Me
Allows a user to define a list of numbers that can be rung in addition to or instead of the user’s own number and in a predefined sequence.

 Call Display Block
Block the display of your name and phone number on the display screen of the person you are calling.

 Call Forwarding (Busy)
This service forwards incoming calls to an alternative number only when the subscriber’s line is busy.

 Call Forwarding (Selective)
This service allows a list of calling numbers to be established that will automatically be forwarded to a single number.

 Line Hunting
When your line is busy incoming calls are automatically routed through the hunt group of available lines until the call completes.

 Speed Dial Calling
Allows you to dial a preselected phone number by entering a single digit followed by the # key. You can set up as many as eight unique Speed Dialing keys, using the numbers 2 through 9. The numbers 0 and 1 are reserved for special purposes and cannot be used for Speed Dialing.

 Call Forward
This service forwards incoming calls to an alternative number. Visual Call Waiting: Displays the calling name and telephone number of another incoming call as part of the notification that a second call is on the line.

Voice Mail
With Voicemail service, you will not miss a call. When your phone is busy or you are away from your phone, calls are forwarded to your Voicemail box where the caller can leave a message. The message is stored for you to retrieve at your convenience.

Voicemail to Email can be added for only $9/mo

Voice Mail to Email allows a customer to have their telephone voicemail messages directed to an email account. This allows you to listen, save, forward and manage your voicemail more efficiently.