Web Hosting

Create a web presence for your business online with Westman Business. We can help with your simple website, or secure transaction-based services for complex sites requiring online credit card authorization and inventory management. Westman’s high-bandwidth network ensures fast web page delivery and with our physically secured, environmentally controlled, and power protected data centre, we can safely say there is virtually no downtime.

To customize a solution for more complex requirements, please call 204-717-2839.


With Internet

*See below for features included



*See below for features included


1 year - $30.00
2 years - $50.00
5 years - $100.00

*See below for features included

Westman's Basic Web Hosting service offers a convenient, affordable and high quality Web Hosting solution, with special prices for our Internet subscribers.

  • 1 GB of disk space
  • Max FTP User Accounts-5
  • Subdomains -Unlimited
  • 20 domain specific email accounts
  • Support for Perl CGI, FTP, PHP
  • Support for MySQL databases (1 Database)
  • Control Panel
  • Traffic stats
  • Mailing lists
  • Authenticated emailing on port 587 without SSL encryption
  • Bandwidth limiting to: 75 GB
  • Domains per user: 1
  • Parked Domains per user: 0


  • Multiple Gigabit Ethernet accesses to the Internet, ensuring reliability and speed.
  • Bundling discounts available with subscription to our Internet service.
  • Hosting servers are maintained in a physically secured, environmentally controlled, and power protected data centre.