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Rate Adjustment Notices

How Adjustments Help Improve Your Westman Business Services

Westman Business is dedicated to providing you with exceptional Internet, TV and Phone services. We are continuously investing in our network to deploy technological enhancements that support a robust and reliable network. 

Westman is proud of its many accomplishments this past year and is looking forward to continued growth and advancement in 2021. Our employees are locally based, dedicated to helping our customers and are proud to volunteer in our communities.

1. In 2021, Westman’s patronage dividend allocation was $3,600,000 for the fiscal year; this included a cash distribution of $500,000 to eligible members. “The loyal patronage of our members makes it possible to give these dividend payments. The support of our products and services continues to increase members’ equity in the Cooperative and make distributions possible, “said Dave Baxter, President and Chief Executive Officer at Westman.  

2. We continued the journey to fibre-connect underserved communities in Manitoba so that they can benefit from faster Internet speeds, as well as additional options for TV and landline phone services. This year we fibre connected ten communities, including Treherne, Austin, Notre Dame de Lourdes, Somerset, St. Leon, Swan Lake, Pilot Mound, Clearwater, Crystal City & Cypress River. The Fibre to the Home deployments were done in conjunction with financial support from the respective municipalities where these communities are located. Forty-six communities now have access to our services, and this total will climb to 60 by mid-2022. Over the past three years, we have brought our High-Speed Internet to nearly 40 communities that previously did not have access to the speeds they needed to enable working from home and remote learning and for businesses to thrive in an online world. 

3. While we were unable to take our annual #ConnectingWestman Tour on the road this year, it did allow us the opportunity to add to the already successful initiative and introduce the #ConnectingWestman Funding Program. The Funding Program provides financial aid and human resources needed to help create sustainable communities across Manitoba. We donated $25,605 to deserving initiatives in the communities we serve. We look forward to continuing to support local initiatives with next year’s #ConnectingWestman Funding Program and Tour. For more information about the #ConnectingWestman Funding Program, this year’s recipients, and their projects, visit

4. Adding easy self-service options provides our members with additional convenience and flexibility. We refreshed our My Westman portal to allow members to manage services easily online with the Manage Services option. Members can make real-time changes to their accounts, including upgrading Internet speeds and adding channels to their package. Over half of Westman’s residential and business members make their monthly payments online through the portal, and 1,000 new members opted to do self-connect install options for Internet services over the past year. 

5. In August, we launched our InfiniTV streaming service to all communities. Our wireless streaming TV service combines an HD channel lineup, recording, and video-on-demand options with popular streaming services such as Crave, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Westman GO Apps. InfiniTV creates an easy, all-in-one experience, providing endless entertainment for the whole family. For more information on InfiniTV, visit

Monthly Rate Adjustments

Effective March 1, 2022, we will be adjusting our service rates. If you currently subscribe to any of the below services, monthly rate adjustments are as follows:


New Monthly Rate

Non-Bulk cable SD & HD + $2.00

Rate Adjustment FAQs

When are rates being adjusted?
March 1, 2022.

Why are rates going up?
Westman is committed to providing you with the best services and customer experience available. As Westman continues to invest in its network infrastructure, we periodically need to adjust prices due to increases we experience in programming and other associated business costs. 

When will I see this on bill?
A notice will appear on your next bill and will be reflected on your statements.

How much is my bill going up by?
Select rate adjustments can be seen above. If you are unsure what package you subscribe to, please call customer care. 


Visit My Westman Portal to see an electronic copy of your statements.

Still have questions? Call Business Support at 204.717.2800 or toll free: 1.888.759.2225.