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WCG Loyalty Initiatives

At Westman Communications Group, we believe in providing our loyal members with exceptional services, benefits, and privileges. That's why we have designed our membership program to offer unique rewards and exclusive perks tailored to our WCG members. Aside from being part of a local cooperative, loyal members get exclusive access to member discounts, offers and contests, including our newly redesigned annual loyalty giveaway: The Local Loot Giveaway. Westman members may also benefit from limited-time loyalty discounts on their services or exclusive upgrade offers throughout the year.

Enjoy special member prices, exclusive discounts, equity and more.

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Member Benefits

We're committed to rewarding our customers for their ongoing support. Whether you're just starting your journey with us or have been with us for years, we believe in giving you the recognition and appreciation you deserve.

If you're a new member, we'll start you off with an unbeatable promotion* to show our appreciation for choosing us as your go-to communications provider. If you're a two-year member or more, you'll start to be eligible to participate in our Local Loot Giveaway for a chance to win a fantastic local prize. 

Members of 5 years or more receive: 

Get a free Internet upgrade to the next speed for three months

Get a FREE upgrade to the next Internet tier for a three month period! This means that you can enjoy faster speeds and greater bandwidth for no additional cost!

Members have the option to upgrade after the promotion is over. 

One month free and 50% off a service your not currently subscribed to

As a member of 5 years or more, you get our BEST promotion of the year. You'll get the chance to receive 1 month FREE plus 50% OFF for 12 months on services you currently do not subscribe to. WOW! That's like getting 6 months of free services! 

WCG Local Loot Giveaway

As a loyal member, you will also be entered into exclusive contests, giving you the chance to win exciting and unique prizes and experiences. Our member contests are designed to show our appreciation for members continued support.

Cooperative Membership & Equity

Westman Communications Group is a member of the Canadian Co-operative Association.  

A co-op is an organization that is owned and democratically controlled by its members, which means that the people who use its services have a say! As a Westman member, you build equity in the company over time.

When you use Westman's services, you're not just a customer – you're also supporting your community because the co-op invests its profits back into improving services and helping local people. This is what makes Westman unique compared to other providers of Internet, TV, and Home Phone services.

Cooperative Member Benefits include:

 Blue check markA yearly statement of your equity, annual reports, and other information about the co-operative.

 Blue check markOccasional dividend payments of equity.

  Blue check markThe right to run for a position on the Board of Directors.

 Blue check mark The right to vote for the Board of Directors.

 Blue check mark A voice at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and other meetings.

Your membership not only benefits you but also helps build a positive difference in your community.

As a company, we’re invested in the bigger picture. And building a better tomorrow.

Our cooperative reinvests each member's equity into our operations, and surrounding communities. We continue to introduce new and innovative services and invest in stronger communities, while also connecting underserved areas to superior communication services. 

Who runs the Co-op?

Members are owners of the Co-op and as such, you control Westman Communications Group through the Co-op’s Board of Directors. Members elect the Board, who in turn establish the Co-op’s policies and bylaws.

How do patronage dividends work?

You receive a portion of the Co-op’s annual profits in the form of dividends in your patronage equity account.

The dividends are determined by the amount you patronized Westman Communications Group in the previous year. Qualifying members may receive a portion of their dividend as a cash payment as declared by the Board of Directors on an annual basis.

When can you receive your patronage equity in cash?

Collectively, the members’ patronage equity is the financial foundation of the Co-op, supporting its operations and growth. Equity applications for refunds are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Co-op’s bylaws, and are issued mainly to members who move out of the Co-op’s trading area, or become deceased. Members who remain in the trading area and request an equity payout will have an initial waiting period and scheduled payments may be made over several years.

To withdraw from membership and request a refund of equity, an application form must be completed and submitted to Westman Communications Group. Equity payments are subject to board approval based on Westman’s financial position.