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New Speeds are Here

Hold on tight - our Internet plans now go even faster at the same competitive rate! With more to enjoy online than ever, we have given our Internet plans an extra boost and increased our XSTREAM speeds!

Our goal is to provide our members with more value, making the choice to switch and subscribe to Westman Internet easy. See below for fast Internet plans that deliver the speeds you need to keep you connected to all the things you love.

View Speed Increase Details & FAQS

Up to 20 Mbps Download Speed

Up to 4 Mbps Upload Speed

Casual browsing and light streaming of music or videos. Perfect for emailing or social media.

Unlimited Usage

Works best with up to 1-2 devices online


Price includes 1 wired modem 1. Taxes not included.  Learn more. 

Up to 60 Mbps Download Speed

Up to 6 Mbps Upload Speed

More speed for streaming and downloading shows. Great for more than one person online.

Unlimited Usage

Works best with up to 3-4 devices online

Up to 100 Mbps Download Speed

Up to 10 Mbps Upload Speed

A better choice for multiple users. Download shows and movies in seconds.

Unlimited Usage

Works best with up to 5-7 devices online

Up to 200 Mbps Download Speed

Up to 20 Mbps Upload Speed

More speed for streaming and downloading shows. Great for more than one person online.

Unlimited Usage

Works best with up to 7-9 devices online

New Internet Speed FAQs

No. We're happy to announce that we've increased our Internet speeds at no aditional cost.

Our goal is to always give you the best Internet experience possible. 

If you subscribe to the My Westman Wi-Fi App, you can instantly run a bandwidth test to check your network speed and performance.
You can also check your speed with the Westman Speed Test located HERE.

To view your current Internet Plan and its speeds, or upgrade to a new one, log in to the My Westman Portal.

The difference between our previous and new speeds:

Order or Upgrade your Westman Internet Today!