Managed Services

Disaster Recovery, Data Storage, Simplification... what are your reasons?

Are you looking for ways to manage costs? Whether driven by competition or by challenging economic conditions, many organizations are turning to virtualization for a prime cost-cutting opportunity in the Internet technology arena.

A more advanced type of dedicated server hosting, with extended support and management delivering system-level administration and support, comprehensive Internet infrastructure and extensive services that relieve IT departments of many critical, but expensive responsibilities.

In a managed hosting environment, Westman owns the data centers, the network, the server and other devices, and is responsible for deploying, maintaining and monitoring them. The customer retains full control of their operating systems and applications. This balance of responsibilities allows for levels of security, scalability and uptime that far exceed basic dedicated hosting and other hosting options.

Service typically includes: Dedicated devices, advanced monitoring, load balancing, managed security, data storage, managed backup, premium bandwidth, service level guarantees and industry-leading technical expertise.

Things to consider

Although seemingly expensive, managed hosting is a smart and cost-effective hosting solution for those with mission critical websites and applications that need 99.999% network uptime, support responsiveness, technical expertise and a secure, high-end infrastructure. The provider owns the hardware, network and data centers, eliminating considerable capital expenditures as well as the extensive payroll required for regular maintenance and upgrades.

Westman offers traditional Managed Hosting as well as managed Virtual Servers.