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Game On!

By: Westman Communications
Posted: July 24, 2020 09:25Television, TV & Movies

Live Sports Set to Return

For many people, the spring sports calendar is the highlight of the TV-watching schedule. Opening Day in the Majors, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the start of the PGA tournament season all overlap, creating a couch potato’s dream.   
Unfortunately, 2020 is a year for the history books, and just as sports fans were digging out their jerseys and frosting their favourite mug, the Coronavirus quickly crushed their hopes and dreams.   

As a sense of normalcy returns, sports leagues around the world are starting to resume their seasons with live games scheduled to begin shortly. This includes the MLB, NHL and NBA – all starting in three weeks or less.   

Return to Play Calendar: July 2020

What sports can you expect to see soon?  

MLB – July 23 

The Toronto Blue Jays step back up to bat on July 23 and play against the Tampa Bay Rays. After opening day, the team will play a total of 60 games for the remainder of the season. 

Click here to view the updated season schedule.


NHL – August 1 

Joining the action is the long-awaited return of the NHL! After weeks of planning, the NHL created a return-to-play scenario with a 24-team playoff format to crown a Stanley Cup champion. This year’s winner is expected to be crowned in early October if all goes as planned. 

Just when you thought the sport of hockey and the NHL couldn’t get any more Canadian… it has! Toronto and Edmonton have officially been named the two hub cities hosting all the participating teams. Fun fact: This will be the first time since the Montreal Canadians won in 1993 that the winners will be crowned on Canadian ice! 

For more details, visit their return to play plan and schedule HERE. 


NBA – July 30 

After the long wait, fans of the NBA are thrilled about the sport’s return. The comeback of the 2019-2020 season includes a total of 24 teams returning to take the court. 

How are the basketball games going to work? CLICK here for everything you need to know about the returning basketball season.

Though these games won’t have any live fans, these live sports games and many others will be broadcasted on SportsNet

Not sure what television channels you have, or looking to order? Call us at 204-725-4300 and our Customer care team would be happy to help! 

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