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Five Easy Ways to Troubleshoot your Internet Connection

By: Westman Communications
Posted: June 18, 2020 15:23Customer Experience, Internet

Hint: #1 and #2 are some of the most common solutions!

Are you having internet issues? Solving the problem may be easier than you think. Below are five of the most common reasons people have internet issues and simple solutions:


  1. Make sure your cables connected to your Westman Modem are secure. Loose cables are a frequent cause of slow or irregular speeds. It is best to ensure your modem is plugged in directly to the wall outlet, rather than an extension cord.

  2. Restart your device. Sometimes the issue isn't with your Internet connection, but with the device or application itself. Restarting your device can clear this up.

  3. Restart your modem. Just like any other device, it is normal for the modem to need the occasional reboot. Try unplugging your Gateway modem from power (for about 10 seconds) and plugging it back in.Note: The modem should only need to be rebooted a maximum of once per week. If you find that you are doing it more often, call our help desk at 204-725-4300.

  4. Ensure your modem is in an upright position and does not have anything covering it, such as books, papers, or décor. As well, never enclose your modem in a tight space like a cabinet or closet; this can affect the Wi-Fi modem's health and its speeds. Aren't sure if your modem is in the proper location? We can assist you with that! Call our help desk, and we can survey your house to ensure your modem is in the perfect spot to get maximum coverage.

  5. Know what devices you have on your connection, as well as the ages of those devices. It is not always how many devices you have connected to your network, but rather what they are capable of doing. Smart devices that use video such as a video doorbell take up more speed than a smart device that does not use video, such as a smart speaker. The age of your devices can also impact your Wi-Fi. Older devices tend to hog more of the network and degrade the speeds of your entire network.


Tools for troubleshooting:

Ensure that your speeds are what they should be for your internet plan! You can test your device speeds in real-time with our Westman Internet speed test. The speed test will let you see how your current network is performing in terms of download and upload speeds!

If possible, test your speed with a device that is directly connected to your modem, that way you are getting the best reading possible. Keep in mind, that Wi-fi connections may not actualize your speeds the way a direct wired connection would.

Check your speed Here! 


If you're still having issues, our Technical Support Team would be more than happy to chat! Call us at 204-725-4300 or go online to our support site HERE.


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