Digital Health and Wellness - What You Can Do!

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Posted: June 16, 2020 10:10Customer Experience, Technology

Don't forget to shut down your digital devices and phones to have some time away from the screens!

Have you thought about your digital health?

Technology could be considered a double-edged sword. It is here to help improve our lives; however, it can also cause everyday problems.

“What type of problems are we talking about?" you might ask.

Well, have you ever noticed:

  • Your posture while on your laptop? Bet you just checked to see how you are sitting while using your device!
  • How addictive your gaming consoles are?
  • How long you spend on all your social media pages?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then perhaps it’s time to start considering your physical and virtual health, also known as digital wellness.

Digital wellness describes our digital technology world and how it interacts with our physical and psychological well-being.


Digital wellness and health include:

  • Physical health – How are the ergonomics or environment where you use your technologies?
  • Psychosocial – Have your social settings changed with technology?
  • Physiological – Are you becoming addicted to the internet or your devices?

The nature of how we conduct our social connectedness is becoming more critical than ever. The quality of our well-being includes both physical and digital nature. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), over 53 percent of the world's population uses the internet…. That's a lot of digital usage! The number will continue to rise as the growth of technology advances, which is why we must take care of ourselves while we take advantage of technology!

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How to ensure you have a Tech/Life Balance:

  1. Schedule digital breaks or downtime. Being connected 24/7 will not benefit you mentally or physically. Ensure you take the time to play, create, and explore things offline!
  2. Limit your digital content and applications. As the saying always goes, "everything in moderation," and this includes your digital time.
  3. Get active! The best way to get away from technology and screens is to get out and get physical! A growing body of research shows that large amounts of screen time contribute to the ever-increasing obesity crisis. Physical activity is beneficial for both physical and mental health.
  4. Explore wellness apps and digital resources. If you're already online, explore the ever-growing abundance of online health resources! Discover new wellness routines, exercise apps, and even investigate health symptoms or problems. Most of these online apps and resources can be shared with others, making it even more fun!
  5. Talk about digital wellness and safety—check-in on your own and your friend's and family's digital use. Be sure to ask - are you productive and safe while online? Are you aware of what information you are sharing online?


There is no point in imagining the future without technology, as we can all agree it is here to stay. After all, could you live without your everyday technologies? Neither can we! It’s important to remember that technology is here to enhance and improve our lives, not to entrap us in it all.

With the ever-increasing frequency of digital technologies, have you thought about how your digital wellness is?

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